Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bharatnatyam costume

There are different forms of dances in India. Bharatnatyam is the most common form of Indian classical dances. These dances describe movement ideas and they need to be learned to perfect the classical technique of dance. The dancers perform in traditional costumes, accompanied by some traditional instruments and vocal music. They share their views on the commitments it takes to become a classical Indian dancer and the importance of upholding their rich tradition. They describe the vocal with expressive qualities, hand movements and facial expressions. Performing theses dance sequences in traditional costumes with lots of hand work, embroidery accompanied by jewelry and body art.
Like any other dance Bharatnatyam comtume represents the history and tradition of the state from where it belongs. It is brightly coloured silk fabric which contains borders made with golden colored embroidery which explores the bright and rich colors and cultures of Tamil Nadu. The proper dance costume for bharatnatyam plays a big role to make the dance graceful and impressive. These costumes include dress, temple jewelry and make-up, etc. None of these contents can be left in this dance form. The jewelry used in this dance is called the temple jewelry. Similar to other jewelleries it also has Jhumka(earings), Chandra(moon shapred hair ornament),Mattal(forehead),  surya(sun shaped hair ornament), Nathani(nose ring), Bindi, Long and short Mala(necklace), 2 arm bands, Oddiyanam(waist band), ghungroo and chudiya(bangles).

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